• Children and Youngsters

Children and Youngsters

Le Castella – A Village in Calabria with animation

The TH Crewhas designed a special programme for parents and children, with games, sports, shows and events for all the family to enjoy. Because we know that doing special things together will make your holiday with TH particularly memorable.


TH Land: welcome to the kids world

TH2O swimming lessons
Age 1-3

Parents and children can share a special occasion together: the first time their little ones take to the water. A fun experience, with children interacting with each other in the company of mum and dad.

TH mini rugby
Age 6–13
Part game and part sport. This fun activity allows children to socialise and match themselves against others, and helps improve their sense of initiative and team spirit. It’s an educational game, based on respect for both your teammates and your opponents. The TH Rugby uniforms are available throughout the week.

TH football club
Age 6–13
Little champions in the making! The children are divided into age groups and train for an hour every day with a professional instructor, following a programme that suits their abilities. It’s a real football school, which teaches techniques and encourages children to socialise. The official TH Football Camp uniforms are available throughout the week.

TH dance school
Age 6–13

Ballet lessons with technical exercises and training in posture and suppleness to the rhythm of music. The aim is to improve poise, and to learn short choreographed pieces to present at a week-end recital.


The world of children

World Tour
Every day, the children at TH Kids World will explore one of the 5 continents with the help of two special guides: Super T and Lady H, who will always acompany them on this fantastic journey. On arrival in the Village, children will receive their very own Passport, which will be stamped at the end of each day with a “visa” for the continent they’ve visited. With sports activities, games and scientific experiments, they will learn about the culture, customs and traditions found in every continent. Ready, get set… go! Have a great adventure!

New age groups:

TH BABY Age 3- 5
TH KIDS Age 6-7
TH FUN Age 8-10

The world of youngsters

Sports and group activities designed to entertain and socialise older children.
Our friendly activity leaders will ensure that they enjoy a really exciting holiday

TH TEENY Age 11 – 13

  • TH Musical Box (musically):
    Youngsters can create their very own video, choosing the music, filming method and location.
    They can work together to create a themed video for the week, and at the end of the holidays the best performances will be screened in the amphitheatre.
  • Sensation Night:
    A unique experience for the TH Teeny group. An evening under a starry sky with stories, games and exciting things to do before bed-time.
  • Cinematic evening under the stars:
    A special dinner party out in the open, just for kids. A specially designed menu and a film-show by moonlight will make this into a wonderful memory to share with friends.


TH JUNIOR Age 14 – 18

  • Sensation Night:
    A special experience for the TH Junior group, a night to remember. A fabulous party and exciting stories before going to sleep in a tent, out under the stars.
  • TH Junior Crew:
    Activity leaders for a day. Kids can enjoy the experience of being part of the TH Crew: they can help to organise all the activities leading up to an evening performance on stage. Are you ready? The meeting’s at nine!
  • Escape Game:
    A game activity set in a mysterious environment. The TH Junior group are faced with a series of quizzes, riddles and challenges. They have to resolve them to leave the “escape room” and return to reality.